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Audiobook Review of Dark Bayou by Ashley Blake

Dark Bayou by Ashley Blake

Rating: 3.5

Dark Bayou by Ashley Blake

Dark Bayou by Ashley Blake

Dark Bayou by Ashley Blake

Author: Ashley Blake
Reader: Ted Brooks
Available exclusively from Audible.com

Short Review: This storytelling intertwines the historical events which contribute to its modern day consequences. Gives you the feeling that the crazy, wild west isn’t so far removed from us. A mystery where violent scenes unfold in detail.

Long review: Ted Brooks, as a reader, gives one the impression that he is an accomplished, professional voice over actor, and the effect is like listening to a movie trailer or a documentary film. While very well spoken, most of the book feels like it is being read out loud to you, rather than enveloping the listener in the character performances. With that being said, I believe that listening to this book probably helped with Louisiana style pronunciations and speaking styles that I may not have garnered by a visual reading.

We begin the story with its historical context, honest and gruesome in a style of Stephen King. We play time traveler, learning all the area history between 1897 and 1992 in Beaux River, Louisiana. Freddy Tango is dealing with an unusual set of dramatic and violent events. By all suspicions, the ghost of murderous “Man On The Road” Percy Yates is after him and his loved ones; but this is recognized as impossible. Who could be behind these attacks on Freddy Tango, and why?

There are some necessary by-the-book plot points, and a few clever twists. One advantage to having this available as an audiobook over having the hard copy was that I didn’t know when the story was ending. Bonus points for that.

The story is intriguing enough to overcome some of the lack of character depth. The female characters specifically don’t speak with female personalities. The violence and death which occur in the book are rarely paired with average human reactions.

I suggest this is an entertaining read for trying to puzzle out the well-thought out historical mystery concept.