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Free Audiobook Short Stories from Barnes and Noble! : Audio Book Reviews : Books For Ears

Free Audiobook Short Stories from Barnes and Noble!

Barnes and Noble is offering nine audiobook versions of short stories by wonderful authors absolutely free! The books appear to cost a penny each at first (still a steal), but when you check out you won’t be charged a single penny. You do need to create an account on barnesandnoble.com to get the freebies, but you can associate it with a paypal account if you prefer. They’re only available for a few weeks. Run! Go! Get free books! Your ears demand it!


  1. naomi wrote:

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. Sure hope this is still live. Thanks for the great post. You may find some interesting stuff on Newfiction.com given your audiobook focus. Will be checking back in here regularly.

  3. Godffrey wrote:

    The more discerning book-lover and audiophile won’t be readily impressed with what’s on offer. No wonder they’re free.